Friday, 26 June 2015

Remove Headliner In Ford Taurus

The headliner in a Ford Taurus is glued to the roof of the van in the cabin.2. Pry up on the trim to remove it. Repeat this process for all of the trim that overlaps the headliner. Happily, you lone devoir a hardly any basic tools to receive started.


1. Wedge the trim Emigration tool underneath the trim on the pillars in the front of the Taurus.

It's too held in deposit by the trim enclosing the elsewhere of the vehicle. Thanks to the headliner can easily be damaged, obtain your allotment while removing it. This craft may appropriate at least an lifetime to determine properly. Work your way around the entire outside of the headliner, prying off all of the trim pieces that overlap or "connect" to the headliner.

3. Work the putty knife or scraper underneath the edge of the headliner and trim the glue off the edge.

4. Continue to work your way underneath the headliner until it begins to come free from the roof. When it is free from the roof, you can pull the entire headliner down.