Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Use A Car windows Inside A 1966 Mustang

Install a windscreen on your 1966 Mustang.

The Ford Mustang was introduced in April of 1964 as a 1965 model. The car proved very popular, with over 500,000 sold, so Ford did not change a good thing and made only minor trim changes to it in 1966. The 1965 and 1966 Mustangs are still popular today, with several owner's clubs available. If your vintage Mustang still has its original windshield, chances are it may be cracked and pitted and will need replacement. Fortunately, Ford still makes windshields to the original specifications for your Mustang; the windshield can be installed in approximately half a day.


1. Clean any weather strip adhesive or residue from the windshield frame using solvent and a rag.6. Run a small bead of windshield sealer in-between the gasket and the windshield, around its entire perimeter. Firmly press the windshield into the frame with your hands to compress the gasket and sealer.

3. Press a new windshield rubber gasket into place along the perimeter of the windshield. Apply windshield sealer at the inside and outside corners of the gasket. Press the bottom stainless steel windshield molding into place over the molding clips until it snaps into place.

4. Clean the new windshield inside and out with window cleaner and paper towels. Use a helper and lift the windshield into place, making sure the bottom edge of the windshield is inserted into the groove in the weather stripping. Let the windshield lay back against the windshield frame.

5. Insert a plastic windshield installation tool under the lip of the gasket, on the sides and top of the windshield. Slide the tool along the edge of the windshield until the lip of the gasket covers the the windshield around its circumference.

Avoid using scrapers, as this will mar or scratch the paint finish around the windshield.2. Apply windshield sealer around the windshield molding clips that are mounted around the perimeter of the windshield frame. Wipe up any excess sealer with a rag from outside of the windshield frame, so that the windshield will not be exposed once it is installed. Wipe up any sealer that may have squeezed out with a clean rag.

7. Press the remaining side and top stainless steel windshield moldings into place with the heal of your hand until they snap into place.