Monday, 16 March 2015

Obtain A Personalized License Plate In Connecticut

Asleep of method raging? Booty the gigantic plan and switch to means phrasing! Invest in a personalized license plate in Connecticut, accurate your diacritic personality and cause your presence noted wherever the path of being may hire you. It's as clean as A-B-C, and 1, 2, 3.


1. Logon to Connecticut's Branch of Engine Vehicles Mesh purpose and download an accredited manipulate for a personalized licence plate.

2. Print the handle.

3. Glance at the directions on the cardinal half of stage one of your operate before proceeding to the utilize piece of the embodiment. Cache all rules, regulations and policies in cognizance while filling out the application.

4. Record your name and address as it appears on your vehicle's registration. Include your daytime telephone number.

5. Provide your vehicle's information, including present plate number, the date your registration expires, registration type, year, make, model and VIN. Indicate whether your vehicle is leased or not.

6. Specify the name and address of the person to whom you would like the personalized plates delivered. Include a daytime telephone number.

7. Enter six different personalized license plate choices, in order of preference. Use capital alphanumeric character combinations. Refer to page two of your application for detailed rules regarding specific alphanumeric combinations. Include a check or money order made payable to DMV.11. Mail your completed application to DMV, Special Plate Unit, 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT, 06161-0504.

9. Sign and date your application.

10. Do not include extra dashes or spaces in your personalized license plate message, as the message will not be approved.8. Select the style of personalized license plate that you would prefer.

12. Receive your personalized license plates in the mail within three to four weeks along with new month and year tabs and/or a new registration.

13. Affix the month and year tabs on your permanent personalized plates upon receipt and use.