Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Replace A Serpentine Belt On The 1994 Buick

The serpentine operate girdle is an integral Element in every Buick Industry vehicle released in the 1994 mould year. The Buicks rely on the cummerbund to transfer torque from the engine's crankshaft outward to the trimming pulleys. In the ceremony the zone shift brittle, cracked, frayed, glazed or otherwise damaged by generation or Non-native objects, replacing it is an instant call for for the Buick owner. Anyone with a first-class grasp of automotive repair can grip this faculty in less than a half-hour.


1. Allot the belt-routing sticker, applied to the fan shroud or underside of the hood. Provided yours is lacking, bargain one online or from your community Public Motors dealer before removing the existing cestuses.

Remove the tensioner tool and close the hood.

3. Move the belt tensioner off the serpentine belt with the belt-tensioner tool. Once the tensioner pulley has cleared the belt, move the belt aside and allow the tensioner to slowly move back to its normal position.

4. Pull the belt off the various pulleys, including the crankshaft pulley and then take the belt out of the engine well. Depending on the model of Buick, you may need to access the lower pulleys from underneath the car.

5. Compare the length of the two belts to ensure the new belt is the proper size. Older belts can stretch up to three-quarters of an inch during their service life, so allow for that variance when measuring.

6. Wrap the new belt around the Buick's crankshaft pulley and then around each remaining pulley until the tensioner pulley is all that's left. Make sure to refer to the belt-routing diagram at each pulley so you don't accidentally misroute the belt.

7. Move the belt tensioner aside with the belt-tensioner tool once more. Slip the belt onto the tensioner pulley and slowly let the tensioner move back into position.2. Connect the belt-tensioner thing to the thing of the serpentine-belt tensioner. You can locate the tensioner by looking at the belt-routing sticker to pinpoint its location.