Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fix A Rear Coolant Line Leak Inside A Kia Sedona

The coolant in your KIA Sedona is duty-bound for moulding certain that the engine does not overheat.6. Refill the radiator with coolant mixture until the radiator is full. Check the reservoir tank and fill it until the fluid level is at the upper fill mark on the outside of the tank. Over day, the rubber hoses that the coolant flows completed may crack from the fixed heating and cooling. Whether the rear coolant line does set off leaking, you'll occasion to locate it to produce sure that your system is operating optimally.


1. Make sure that the engine is completely cool, then place the catch pan under the radiator drain fitting. Loosen the fitting and allow the coolant to drain out of the radiator.

2. Loosen the hose clamps that secure the rear coolant line.

3. Pull the coolant hose off.

4. Slide the new hose clamps over both ends of the new coolant hose and install the hose.

5. Tighten the hose clamps latest of the hose to secure the hose in place.

A assortment of an anti-freeze idea and aqua is cycled nailed down the engine. The coolant then runs finished a radiator, which acts as a giant heat sink, "wicking" the heat absent from the engine. Without coolant running terminated the manner, internal components could overheat and disjunction.