Monday, 16 February 2015

How Vehicle Energy Antenna Works

An antenna is a Slogan used to get radio signals completed the air waves, on the contrary a ability antenna does a bit also. A capacity antenna retracts into the van when it is not in employ to prevent damage to the unit while parked.

Telescoping Antenna

The power antenna is a series of metal cylinders that fit inside one another, adore a telescope. The Engine controls the margin and retraction of the antenna.


The motor is activated to extend the antenna as soon as the radio is activated. It stores just enough power so that when the radio is turned off the antenna retracts.

This allows the antenna to fit into a relatively bantam extent once it is fully retracted.


A Engine rests at the model of the antenna.

Damage Prevention

The most common way an antenna is damaged is when it is pushed down by the moving pieces in a car wash. Turn off your radio when going through an automated car wash to prevent damage to your power antenna.