Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Improve Fuel Useage With Mods

You can enlargement your Gauze milage with a unusual vehicle modifications.

Replace large tires with stock-sized tires, remove roof racks, roll bars, unnecessary lighting and chrome. Also switch from steel or heavy wheels to a lighter, alloy wheel.5.

1. Buy and install a performance air filter and air intake system in your vehicle. Your vehicle's stock air filtration and intake system are generally installed by the manufacturer because they are the most cost-effective, i.e., cheap. A performance air filter and intake modification will provide a better flow of air to your engine, letting it breathe easier and run more efficiently, thus increasing your vehicle's gas mileage.

2. Replace your stock exhaust system with a new, performance-based exhaust system. Similar to the air filtration and intake system, your vehicle's stock exhaust is limited. As your engine breathes in clean air, it must also be capable of efficiently exhaling the fumes. A performance exhaust mod provides a wider exhaust pipe, manufactured in such a way as to allow exhaust to be expelled smoothly, without back pressure. This means your engine doesn't have to work as hard, which also means it's burning less gas.

3. Install a performance power module on your vehicle. This modification essentially retunes and reprograms your engine. Usually, these modules are simple to install: a basic plug and play modification. Though modules can be expensive (depending on your type of vehicle), they allow your engine to attain peak performance in both horsepower and fuel economy.

4. Remove excess, unnecessary weight from your vehicle. This modification is one that happens every day in the racing world. Vehicles are constantly stripped in order to provide better power and fuel efficiency. Though it may pain you to do it, you need to remove accessories that have been added to your car or truck for aesthetic purposes only.Achieving optimum Gauze milage is a hefty jungle for a quantity of reasons. For instance, not alone does more advantageous fuel efficiency translate to a cleaner field, it again stops the slow leakage of cash gone of your bank chronicle. With this in attitude, much whether you don't carry the most economical of vehicles, there are modifications you can perform on your machine or Motor lorry to arrange every gallon of petrol count.


Install a GPS navigation unit in your vehicle. A GPS mod will allow you to take the shortest, most efficient route, avoid traffic and keep you from becoming lost. Each of these features of a GPS will provide a boost to your miles per gallon.