Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fix Rust Holes On The Vehicle

Allot Rust Holes on a Vehivle

Whether you don't establish rust holes on a motorcar as soon as doable, they can enlarge to the site that your machine may fail your Polity Inspection, particularly whether your rust gap is in the floor pan of your motorcar. While it may attending approximating a employment beyond your skills, the actual means of fixing rust holes on a motorcar can be done by anyone with an afternoon unpaid and a infrequent tools. You don't require to weld anything, rivets and a congenial sealer can cook the career equal too.


3. Cut your sheet of metal with a pair of tin snips so that it is 1/4-inch wider than the rust hole on a car.4. Paint the edges of the hole and the edge of your sheet metal with roofing tar sealant. Use a socket wrench to remove seats and carpets, should the rust hole be located in the floor pan of your vehicle.

2. Attach a metal sanding wheel to your grinder and use the grinder to completely remove the section of rusted metal. Once you have removed all of the visibly rusted metal, grind the edges of the hole until they are smooth.

1. Grounds your machine on a equable surface. Whether require be, call a motorcar jack and stands to uplift the van To admit for the first-rate access to the rust hole.

Wait 10 minutes before placing the sheet metal over the hole and pressing both tarred edges together.

5. Using a rivet gun and metal rivets, attach the sheet metal to the car body. Place the rivets a maximum of 3-inches apart. You may need to use a closer spacing for the rivets if the sheet metal must follow a curve in the body panel.

6. Open your Bondo kit and mix according to the instructions supplied with the kit. Apply the prepared Bondo mixture to the edge of the hole where it meets the sheet metal path. Smooth the Bondo, let it set and sand it smooth with a 320 grit sandpaper followed by a 600 grit.

7. Spray the repair area evenly with auto spray paint primer. Make sure the entire surface of the Bondo and sheet metal patch is covered. Wait 30 minutes and then paint the repair to match your car with auto spray paint.