Thursday, 12 February 2015

Replace Cadillac Srx Coolant

It is a excellent estimate to alter Cadillac SRX coolant every year to prolong the high spirits of your engine. The coolant used in all Public Engine vehicles, including the Cadillac SRX, is DEX-COOL. That's a well-known Commerce term for biological acid technology antifreeze. It's orange. GM says any other coolant fluid than DEX-COOL Testament damage the Cadillac's radiator. Replacing the fluid in your radiator does not have need a Journey the Car garage. You can create it yourself.


Stop the engine.6. Top off the radiator with DEX-COOL antifreeze.7. Void the fluid from the pan into a sealable container. Fast the withdraw valve once drained.

2. Open the lid on the fluid expansion tank (overflow tank) To admit air to escape while you fill the radiator.

3. Open the radiator cap and place a large funnel into the filler spout.

4. Pour 2 gallons of DEX-COOL antifreeze into the radiator, then pour 2 gallons of distilled water into the radiator.

5. Start the engine and allow it to run for five minutes to push air out of the coolant system.1. Habitat a 4-gallon container under the drain valve on the radiator. Agape the drain valve with a ¼-inch-drive ratchet and bleed the fluid into the filter pan. Conclude not permit the fluid in a container without a lid.

Close the lid on the fluid expansion tank and put the cap back on the radiator.