Monday, 23 February 2015

Install The Exhaust On The 1998 Ford F150

You Testament extremity basic tools to install your Ford's exhaust.

3. Clean the mating surfaces of the engine's header and exhaust system. The surface on which the gasket rests should be completely free of grease, grime, and dirt. If foreign particles are on the mating surfaces, the exhaust seal could be compromised.


1. Position the exhaust method underneath your 1998 Ford F-150 in the approximate earth in which it hangs on the vehicle.

2. Hang the exhaust on your Ford F-150 using the rubber exhaust hangers. Bow from the back of the Motor lorry and duty your habit toward the front. The rubber hangers are connected to metal hooks on the underside of the vehicle. You must connect all of the rubber hangers to the exhaust to prevent Exorbitant exhaust system movement during driving.

Performing exhaust perpetuation on your 1998 Ford F-150 is a relatively painless advance whether you retain the go tools and parts at your disposal. You can install the exhaust on your Ford Motor lorry during a lifetime off or on an afternoon after attempt. You discharge not hold to lift the Motor lorry, nor effect you keep To possess bulging muscles to position the action in domicile. Whether you are reinstalling the inventory exhaust, bring about firm you enjoy original gaskets to prevent prospect leaks.

4. Position the gasket between the exhaust system and engine header. Push the exhaust mounting bolts through the three holes in the exhaust flange, and loosely tighten the nuts.

5. Check the exhaust system one more time to see if the fitment is correct. You do not want the exhaust to rest against the body, tires, or gas tank. See if there is proper clearance from the front to the back.

6. Tighten the nuts on the exhaust flange. Tug on the exhaust a little to see if it moves at all.

7. Remove your tools from underneath your Ford F-150.