Friday, 13 February 2015

Alter The Rear Brake Pads On The Jeep Grand Cherokee

Brake pads are an critical chunk of your Jeep Grand Cherokee's braking process. They are the replaceable friction pads that pinch the brake CD or drum when the brakes are applied. You should modify the brake pads before they wear beyond a quarter inch or risk deficient your Grand Cherokee's brake discs


Remove the old Brake Pads

1. Grounds your motorcar on a even surface. Provided you gain a stick shift automobile, assemble trustworthy the motorcar is in gear. Distance blocks in front of the front tires so the van does not stir while you are working on it.

2. Regulate the hood of your vehivle. Place the masterly cylinder and brake fluid container.3. Lift the rear objective of your Grand Cherokee with your automobile jack. Remove the rear tire or circle meeting.4.

Whether vital, remove brake fluid until the even in the container is less than half plentiful. A turkey baster is a great object for this. Assign the brake fluid in the plastic container and dispose of it the fashion you dispose of Engine oil.

Slide the prybar into the caliper opening and using the outer brake pad as a fulcrum, push the piston back into the piston meeting. Pry the spring away of the caliper.

5. Advantage the socket wrench to remove the caliper bolts from the back of the caliper. Again remove the pins under the bolts and the pin bushing caps, the humble caps at the ends of the pins.

6. Slide the caliper off of the anchor and suspend it near the CD brake with a insufficient bungee cord or coat hanger. Suspend the caliper housing so that you bring about not damage the brake hose.

7. Remove the brake pads from the caliper.

Install the new Brake Pads

8. Subsume the fresh brake pads into the caliper. Slide the caliper back into the caliper anchor.

9. Use silicone grease and apply a thin coat of grease to the caliper pins. Use the socket wrench to tighten the bolts and pins to 21 to 30 foot lbs. (29 to 41 Nm). Install the pin bushing caps, the small caps on the ends of the pins.

10. Reinstall the caliper spring between the caliper and the anchor first, then attach the other end of the spring in the lower caliper hole. It helps to hold the spring in place with your thumb while you maneuver the spring end out and under the anchor.

11. Add fluid to the master cylinder container to replace any you removed before you removed the old brake pads.

12. Season the brake pads by making only gentle stops when you are driving for the first week after you install the new brake pads. Try not to do any hard stopping when you are seasoning the brakes.