Friday, 13 February 2015

Switch The Seal On The Ford Taurus Sunroof

At times, it is all-important to change the seal of the sunroof on a Ford Taurus.5. Place the new rubber seal into the channel. Place the outer lip, followed by the inner lip, into the channel. Thus rubber seal should sit smoothly in the channel.

1. Remove the headliner, by extracting the interior trim, so you can work with the sunroof. Work carefully, so the interior of the vehicle is not damaged. Once you have removed the interior trim and the headliner, you will have full access to the rest of the sunroof.

2. Extract the screws and bolts, which keep the sunroof attached to the vehicle. Remove the power source from the rear of the sunroof.

3. Remove the sunroof from the Ford Taurus, and put it aside.

4. Use the plastic scraper to dig on the rubber seal that needs to be removed. All adhesive must be removed from the channel that is exposed.Perform the basic preliminary checks and maintenance for any damages including, rust, which is removed by painting the channel with Rustoleum.

It may seem like a daunting task; however, the issue is easily remedied with the proper tools and knowledge. The vehicle owner's manual contains essential information, allowing you to locate the correct parts. Replacing the seal of the Ford Taurus sunroof is not difficult and can be completed at home.


If there are any deformities, reinstall the seal until it is correctly installed into the channel.

6. Reinstall the sunroof of your Ford Taurus, by using the screws and bolts that were removed at the beginning of the repair. Use the level to confirm you accurately placed the sunroof. Reconnect the power source. The headliner cloth and the interior trim are ready to be placed in the positions in which they were found.