Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fix Upstream Oxygen Sensors

Replacing an upstream O2 sensor is a straightforward occupation

It Testament be toward the front of your machine on your exhaust manifold, and Testament resemble a golden or brass peg with wires outlook gone of the gratuity.2. Succeed the wires outlook outside of the O2 sensor to where they connect to your machine's wiring harness, then unplug the O2 sensor from the electrical connector. Hire consideration not to damage the electrical connector on your van, as doing so may cause your new oxygen sensor to not work properly. In that they are designed to be replaced every 90,000 miles or so, O2 sensors are viewed as "disposable" parts. In short, you "locate" them by replacing them. Happily, this is not a strenuous growth.


1. Fix your O2 sensor.Your vehicle's personal computer uses oxygen sensors to recorder and adjust the ratio of fuel and air career pumped into your engine's combustion chambers. Newer vehicles--post 1990, typically--have at least two O2 sensors; both are on the exhaust manifold, and can be constitute nowadays ultimate and decent in front of the catalytic converter. The "upstream" O2 sensor is the one in front of (toward the hood of the motorcar) the catalytic converter.

3. Use your wrench or ratchet and socket to unscrew the sensor from the exhaust manifold. You may need to exert extra force because oxygen sensors often stick or "freeze" in place due to constant exposure to high temperatures. Once you've gotten it free, you may discard it.

4. Spray or otherwise apply your lubricating oil onto the threads of the new oxygen sensor. Do the same for the threads where you will be screwing it into the exhaust manifold. This is to ensure that the installation is smooth and does not damage the threads.

5. Screw the new oxygen sensor into the exhaust manifold and tighten it down securely. Then connect the sensor's wires back to the same electrical socket where you disconnected the old sensor from in Step 2.