Thursday, 26 February 2015

Flush The Black Water Tank Inside A Camper

The black water tank of a Engine habitation holds squander from the commode.

Most newer Engine homes hog a manner of three holding tanks. A nigrescent water tank in committed to holding the squander from the commode, a gray-water vat holds waste water from the bath sink and shower and the galley vehicle holds misspend doctor from the galley. When flushing the away damp tanks of a Engine family, you should always empty the black water tank aboriginal, Stirring progressively to the cleaner H2O tanks. Before flushing, always top off the tanks so they are completely entire. This will allow the higher volume of water to flush away more of the solid waste left in the waste water tanks.


1. Fill all of the motor home's holding tanks: black water, gray water and galley. Top them off with water from the hose.

2. Drain the gray water tank last.4. Close all drain valves and refill all tanks with water from the hose.

Attach the sewer drain hose to the sewer outlet and connect it to the drain of the dump station.3. Open the drain for the black water tank and allow it to drain. Next open the drain for the galley tank and allow it to drain completely.

Repeat the process.