Thursday, 12 February 2015

Chevrolet Silverado Specs

Automotive giant Chevrolet offers consumers quota to select from when it comes to choice. The corporation's Silverado pickup series is widely accepted among Motor lorry enthusiasts who flip for the basics; the Motor lorry has changed babyish over the decades by reason of its inception and offers especial imperceptible in the system of Equipment, instead focusing on performance rather than styling. Provided you're considering purchasing a Trade-mark fresh Silverado or buying one used, there are a scarce specifications to dream of.

Overall Size Specs

Silverados are available as either full-sized or half-sized pickups, featuring either unmarried door entry or paired doors for lingering cab models that can accomodate additional passengers. The 2011 WT model has a fuel-injected, 4.3-liter gas-powered V-6 engine with a 195 horsepower rating. The more powerful LT features a gas and ethanol-powered V-8, 4.8-liter 302-horsepower engine. All Chevy Silverado models are available with either a two or four-wheel drive option and have automatic four-speed transmissions for seamless gear-switching.

Safety Specs

Bed-size varies according to which replica you shop for: the standardized 78-inch Bedstead, shorter 69-inch Bedstead and extensive 97-inch Bedstead corner all been in Industry since Chevy introduced the model. The 2011 model doesn't differ from these sizes and two distinctions are offered by Chevy: the LT and WT, each offering different load capability and handling.


Both V-8 and V-6 engines have been the standard for all Silverado models.

Standardized safety features such as both driver and passenger side airbags are included with many models over the years. As of 2010, newer models come standard with OnStar computerized safety communications. Daytime safety lamps increase visibility on each model. Both front disc and rear drum braking systems are standard. Stability control systems to control skidding are standard on 2010 models. Additions such as keyless entry via remote and fog lamps come standard on all 2011 WT models and can be purchased for an additional charge for the LT model.