Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Troubleshooting Ford Taurus Antilock Brakes

The 1990 nailed down 1995 Ford Taurus came equipped with the Teves Speck 4 four wheel anti-lock brake step. This action was replaced in 1996 with the and compact Bosch 5.0 four turn ABS course. Both systems containment the front wheels independently and the rear wheels in tandem, and troubleshooting them is alike.

Testing with Scan Tools

Testing these anti-lock brake systems begins with a discover object. It tells you where to begin troubleshooting. The codes stored in the ABS pc show which sensor or plan in the process has a hot water. Datastream resources Testament sanction you to espy provided the sensors are working, or not supplying the word needed by the personal computer to discipline the manner.

Wheel Speed Sensor Testing

The most common cause of wheel speed sensor failures in the Taurus are contamination by metal particles from the brake system. If a trouble code for a sensor comes up, make removing and cleaning the sensor of metal the first thing you do. This will eliminate most failures here.

This countdown will tell you which code(s) are stored in the computer's memory, and a description of the circuit or component that has the failure.

The datastream allows you to monitor the sensor signals as you drive the car. Scroll down to see the wheel speed sensor readings and drive. All four sensors should read roughly the same, and rise and fall steadily with the vehicle's speed.

ABS-capable read tools are available at your resident Car parts store, and immediately, troubleshooting many systems requires one. Inspect for one capable of interfacing your Taurus' ABS process.There are two tests available with the examine belongings. Ahead, interpret difficulty codes.

The next test is a resistance test. Check for resistance at the sensor itself by measuring with an ohm meter. The sensor should have some resistance but be low. If a sensor has zero resistance or infinite resistance, replace it.

Modulator Valve Assembly Testing

The modulator valve assembly contains the solenoid valves that the computer opens and closes to control brake pressure at the wheels. To test those valves , unplug the electrical connector, and do a resistance check at each solenoid valve. Again, as with the wheel speed sensor, there will be some resistance. If a solenoid is found to have no resistance or infinite resistance, replace it.