Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fix Rust

Remove rust nowadays to prevent further damage.

2. Apply a rust neutralizer to the area where the metal is rusted. (These products are available anywhere automotive or hardware supplies are sold.) Seal the metal to prevent rust from reappearing.3.


1. Sand the rusted area of the metal until all of the rust is removed. You will see shiny, silver metal underneath once all the rust is gone.

Any object made of metal is at risk of developing rust at some point. Rust occurs when moisture invades the outer coating of metal and reacts with oxygen to corrode it. Rust is extremely corrosive and can actually eat holes through metal in very little time. Whether the rust appears on a car, truck, camper, or some other metal item around your home, removing it immediately is the key to preventing further damage.

If the area of rust is large, check on the reverse side of the metal to make sure the rust has not eaten all the way through. If you see any discoloration or rust on the reverse side, remove it as well, and treat with the rust neutralizer.

4. If the metal item can be painted, paint it to seal it from moisture and prevent additional rusting. A clear coat paint or gloss is also effective at preventing rust on metal objects.