Monday, 16 February 2015

Change A Front Tire On The 2000 Cavalier

Changing the tire on a 2000 Chevy Cavalier is easily done with the deserved tools.

2. Apartment the extreme of the lug wrench over one of the lug nuts and turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the aficionado. Repeat for all four nuts, loosening them on the other hand not removing them.


1. Remove the hubcap from the Apartment lodgings tire by placing a flat-head screwdriver between the hubcap and the tire and popping the hubcap free lunch.

The 2001 Cavalier is a vehivle manufactured by Chevrolet. This vehivle was Chevrolet's entry to the compact machine marketplace; it came in two-door and four-door varieties. Provided you happen To possess a Apartment lodgings tire while driving this van, you'll essential to apperceive interchange it with another full-size tire or with a "donut" impermanent spare tire to save yourself future and the reward of letting a roadside advantage provider effect it for you. Once the tire is changed, you can safely keep up on your course.

3. Lay the jack under the Cavalier so that it is directly under the bitty plate on the frame directly endure the front tire. Extend the jack until the front tire is 6 inches off the ground.

4. Remove the formerly loosened lug nuts, placing them in the hubcap. Gently pull the tire and revolve meeting off the vehicle. Once the flat tire is removed, dwelling the spare tire onto the rotate hub in the alike spot as the old one.

5. Screw the lug nuts onto the tire by hand until you can no longer tighten them in this manner. Lower the car to the ground with the jack.

6. Place the lug wrench over each lug nut and turn it in a clockwise motion until each lug nuts is securely fastened Rather than tighten the lug nuts one after the other, tighten one, then skip the one right next to it and instead tighten the third, then the fifth, then the second, then the fourth. Then tighten them all one more time. Place the hubcap back on the tire and tap it with the hammer to snap it into place.