Friday, 20 February 2015

Use A Stereo system Inside A Ford Focus

The Ford Seat was introduced as a 2000 design year entry into the compact bazaar. Pry the air vents located over the radio assembly out of the Ford Focus dash. Remove the two screws holding the console and radio, and pull the entire center portion of the dash out by pulling down from the top.6. Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the unit and change out the original harness adapter for the new one.

1. Unhook the impartial wire on the battery before starting. Fix gone a microscopic minor bread jar or plastic Mug to cooperate secure screws and bolts while working under the sprint.

2. Pull the emergency brake up and establish an automatic transmission in "Handle" without turning the motorcar on. Cleared the Centre compartment in the centre console and pry the plastic up with a flathead screwdriver.

3. Remove the console and the screw on either side of the potency terminals to loosen the radio housing. Manipulate the flathead screwdriver to remove the sprint quantity located over the passenger airbag.

4. Locate and remove the two screws directly above the instrument panel. Place the steering wheel in the lowest possible setting so you can pull out the unfastened plastic piece.

5. With sleek styling and trim levels designed to turn the heads of early buyers, the Seat has successfully competed with the Japanese automakers who carry traditionally surpass this marketplace. Changing elsewhere the stereo in the Limelight requires aggrandized mechanical skill than most stereo swaps, principally for the 2008 design addressed here.


Connect the harness to the back of the stereo and slide the unit into the center console trim.

7. Connect the neutral cable on the battery and test the stereo to ensure all of the speakers are working. Screw the console back in place and reattach all of the trim and molding.