Thursday, 14 May 2015

1986 Toyota Sunrader Specs

The 1986 Toyota Sunrader was sold as a unmarried unit which included the trailer and a Toyota deluxe spread out cab vehicle. This RV is designed to accomodate one or two body politic while travelling. The RV features a Bedstead for two common people moreover to a bedroom and a shower. This base includes a bantam fold-out dinette for eating, further as a little closet. Whether the dining table is folded upward, users can access ample counter amplitude for preparing meals or using electrical devices.

The engine can situate elsewhere 135 horsepower at 4,800 rpm. The Sunrader runs choicest with 91 octane petrol on the other hand may further benefit 87 or 89 octane petrol. The engine is easily capable of pulling the trailer at speeds of 70 miles per generation. The 1986 Sunrader features a 26-gallon Gauze vehicle and four-wheel impel. This vehicle features ability windows, steering and brakes, also as air conditioning. The 1986 Toyota Sunrader has a 4:10 gear ratio to pull the trailer and comes with a three-speed automatic transmission.


The 1986 Toyota Sunrader has a length of 17 feet, 8 inches and a breadth of 7 feet. The vehicle is primarily used for travelling and camping. The Toyota Sunrader comes with many features designed for consolation when travelling on the method and features a substantial Motor lorry combined with roughly 126 square feet of living extent.


The floor of the camper comes with inventory carpeting and underneath the floor is 1/2-inch plywood for more durability.


An ignition stove for cooking is included with the 1986 Toyota Sunrader, which runs on a receptacle of liquid propane gas with a capacity of 8 gallons. A water heater is included for taking showers, which can be run with an electrical hookup at a campsite. A refrigerator, which runs off of propane, keeps groceries cool. A small toilet area provides for the elimination of wastes.

Holding Tanks

Recreational vehicles use waste water systems in order to dispose of toilet, shower and water wastes. The 1986 Toyota Sunrader features a 21-gallon freshwater tank that can be used to hold fresh water for use in showers, toilets, cooking and drinking. This RV also features an 18-gallon grey water tank in order to hold waste dishwater and shower water. The 9-gallon black water tank that comes with this model is used to hold urine and feces. The black water tank controls odor and must be emptied when it is 2/3 full.