Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fix A Seeping Auto Exhaust

allot your motorcar's exhaust in a idea that is semi-permanent and inexpensive.


1. Jack up your van and community on stands. Dash off trustworthy machine has been off for a while so exhaust tube is frigid.

2. Provided the exhaust main is broken at a attach, For instance where two pipes bolt well-organized, it might be easier to axiom off the object with the flange on it (the Broad, Apartment lodgings lip encompassing the cusp of one of the pipes). You thirst for your aluminium "sleeve" to overlap both ends of the broken exhaust drainpipe.

7. Optional. Take some muffler tape (find it at an auto parts store), and apply it all the way around your aluminum sleeve. This will make your muffler even quieter. Bend this half on all sides of the broom stock or other tube. This piece will go inside the two ends of the exhaust, linking them together. Note: the trick is to "roll" the metal into a tube that is small enough to just fit inside your exhaust, but large enough that it will be snug and not rattle around.

4. * Take this roll and force it in one end of the exhaust, with about half of it sticking out. Then force the other end into the other side of the exhaust pipe, joining the pipes at the split. Tip: it's easier if you put the tube into the side closest to the exhaust manifold first. This way, you'll have more give in the other side of the exhaust and can even take it off the rubber grommet hangers if you need extra "give" to force the pipe over the other end of the tube.

5. * Do the same thing with the other half of the aluminum sheet metal -- fold it in half, then roll it around the broom handle or other tube. This one should be larger in diameter as it is going to go over the outside of the exhaust pipe. Unroll it enough to force it over the pipe on top of the other aluminum roll, but overlapping the ends of the exhaust tube. You want it to act as a sleeve that locks the two ends of the exhaust pipe in place.

6. Holding the rolled tube snug around the exhaust pipe, put one of the U-bolts over one end of the tube, making sure that the tube overlaps the exhaust pipe enough that once the U-bolt is tightened, the exhaust pipe won't be able to come loose. Do the same with the other U-bolt at the other end of the tube, locking the other end of the exhaust pipe in place.

3. Section the aluminium 12x12 stage in half. Select one of the halves and fold it in half, so you keep a twin layer.