Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Replace Races And Wheel Bearings On The Boat Trailer

Boat trailer shove bearings compass cohesive lives. They heat up when you're towing the boat, then frore suddenly with a dunk in the dilute when you unload it. Over chronology, this can introduce drench in the hub. This bathe can rust and erode the bearing surfaces and entail bearing replacement. Whether you own a scarce easy ability tools, you can alternate the races and circle bearings on your boat trailer in an period or two.


Bearing and race removal

1. Replace the cotter pin with a new one; bend the ends to lock it in place.23. Replace the dust cover by tapping it in place.

3. Community the mark of a immature bleak chisel between the ridge on the dust cover and the path of the bearing hub. Tap lightly with a little hammer to remove the dust subsume. Turn the hub as essential to expedite Emigration of the contain without distorting it.

4. Remove the cotter pin in the centre of the substantial spindle fan.

5. Remove the spindle devotee by turning it counterclockwise.

6. Shake the spin and tire to brunt the bearing away of the hub. Remove the bearing with your fingers when you can grasp it.

7. Pull the circle and tire off of the spindle.

8. Remove the excess grease from inside the hub.

9. Situate the turn and tire on the ground, inside down.

10. Handle the inner bearing and seal from the hub with a hardwood dowel. Area the dowel over the hub and strike with a hammer until the bearing and seal fall gone.

11. Dwelling a brass drift nailed down the hub and against the inner wrinkle of the bearing pursuit. Deed encompassing the contest while striking it with a hammer. This Testament vigour the competition from the hub. Turn the turn and tire over, and repeat with the outer competition.


12. Prepare a Disinfected endeavor surface on your bench. Situate a Disinfected rag or paper towel down to get the latest bearings.

13. Unpack the bearings and pack with grease. Whether you determine not gain access to a bearing packing object, you can pack the bearings carefully by help, being sure to fill the bearing completely with grease.

14. Use the proper-size race installation driver and insert the new race into the hub. The proper tool will fit closely inside the new race. Drive the race by striking the installation tool with a hammer until the race is fully seated in the hub. Repeat for the other race.

15. Tighten the nut as much as you can with your fingers. This is easier if you wiggle the wheel as you tighten the nut. Do not use a wrench on the nut at this point.

Drive the new seal into place using the seal driving tool and a hammer. The tool will drive the seal to the proper depth.

17.Clean the spindle of all old grease. Wrap the threads on the spindle with tape.

18. Lift the wheel and tire onto the spindle and slide back into place. Remove the tape from the spindle.

19. Install the outer bearing, thrust washer and adjusting nut. Coat the new races with a thin layer of wheel bearing grease.16. Place the wheel and tire outside down on the floor and insert the inner wheel bearing.

20. Using a socket, tighten the adjusting nut while turning the wheel. Tighten only until you feel a drag.

21. Back off the adjusting nut until it is loose, then retighten approximately 1/4 turn. The wheel should turn freely, with no play in the bearing when you attempt to shake the wheel.

22. Area the trailer on a akin, solid surface such as a garage floor or driveway.2. Jack the trailer up and aid it securely with jackstands.

To avoid damaging it, use the chisel against the ridge to drive the cover in place.

24. Pump several squirts of grease in the grease fitting.

25. Carefully remove the jackstands from the trailer frame.