Thursday, 19 February 2015

Create Your Own Race Vehicle Fresh paint Plan

Provided you requirement to colouring your own chase vehivle, draft your contest vehivle stain scheme before you enter upon spraying gloss on your bodywork. You can build your pattern on paper or capitalization a personal computer graphics programme. Designing before you colouring allows you to endeavor clashing whitewash schemes and colours so you don't gain to apprehension approximately painting your car only To pace back and realize it's all wrong. Just remember that it isn't only about how your car looks on display. Your car should look good when it's going fast on the racetrack, too.


1. Trace a scaled-down template of the car's body panels on a piece of paper that should include the car's left side, right side, front, rear, hood and roof. You need to ensure your colors and design will stand out when your race car is on the track at a distance from spectators and going fast. If the design needs work, repeat the above steps until you achieve your desired effect.

These can include sponsor logos or race numbers that have size and placement requirements.

3. Include your race car number on the left- and right-side doors. Many teams choose to put their number on the roof besides.

4. Draw your paint scheme, remembering to use contrasting colors so your decals, numbers and detail paint will stand out against the background color. Consider how the design on each body panel will Stare at different angles.

5. Add any additional decals that you want to include in your design, such as sponsor logos.

6. Take a step back and Stare at your drawing from a distance. You can use a computer graphics program to trace pictures of your car or draw the design on a piece of paper.2. Place graphics that must be affixed to certain locations first.