Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Marbleizers To Auto Fresh paint

Let's divulge you accept a vintage machine, or conceivably a motorcycle you've been fixing up, and you've conscientious approximately got the project done, nevertheless you sense it equitable needs a miniature something additional before it's completely finished. A marbleizing dye calling on your van or bike is a good groove to generate the vehicle see flashy and definite.


1. Prime and seal the vehicle that you yen to tint.

2. Spray the base coat on the metal. Atramentous works top, but other colors can work too. Just check any colors other than black on some scrap metal before you begin working on your vehicle. Let the base coat dry completely.

3. Stir the marbleizer well, and then strain it into your spray paint gun.

4. Cut the plastic wrap into sheets so it's ready to go. Apply the clear coat and top coats to make your work shine.

Hold the spray paint gun about 6 inches from the metal. Let it dry for 1 to 2 minutes. Then wrap the plastic wrap, using your hand to push the plastic into the paint. Peel off the wrap immediately.

6. Let the marbleizer dry to a dull finish.

7. It will help To possess a few friends for this part. You have just minutes before the marbleizer dries, so you must work quickly.5. Apply the marbleizer, spraying it onto the vehicle in a 50 percent pattern overlap, with an air pressure of about 45 psi.