Monday, 23 March 2015

Change 2002 Jeep Cherokee Brake Lights

Three bulbs fabricate up the 2002 Jeep Cherokee's brake and rear taillight process.4. Reconnect the taillight fixture piece to the single connector. Depress the red tab to lock the connector in place.5.


1. Govern the vehicle's back hatch or gate. Benefit a Philips screwdriver to remove the two screws holding the taillight fixture in apartment.

2. Switch the claret tab upwards, and remove the harness connector to at liberty the taillight fixture. Turn the lights counterclockwise, and pull to remove them from the fixture.

3. Transform the brake lights with new brake lights, then push down, and turn clockwise to lock them in place.

The fashion of replacing these bulbs is akin for other Jeep Cherokee models manufactured throughout the dotage, besides. It is chief to routinely proof for any broken taillight bulbs, and exchange them as soon as credible. Driving without the Correct brake bulbs is hazardous and can too by-product in a traffic ticket.

Position the mounting ball from the taillight fixture so that it fits into the appropriate hole in the vehicle's frame. Push the taillight fixture into place, then use the screwdriver to replace the two screws.