Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Use A K & N Air Conditioning Filter On The Dodge 2500 Ram 5 9 Liter

Air filter

One of the easiest ways to escalation horsepower in your vehivle's engine is to add an aftermarket air filter. These filters avow the flow of extra air to the engine, thus helping to accumulation Gauze milage and horsepower in the operation. There are lots of at variance types of filters on the mart, including the ones manufactured by K&N. It Testament be connected to the throttle body with a section of tubing. Unclip the lid from the air box, using your hands, and set it to the side.2. Lift out the old filter and discard it.

In this occasion, the project vehicle is a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9-liter engine; but, the installation step is resembling for other vehicles, too.


1. Pop ajar the hood and set the air filter on the top of the engine.

Use a portable vacuum cleaner To cleanse out any dirt or residue from the bottom of the air filter box.

3. Set the K&N filter in the air box and make sure it sits flat against the casing. Reinstall the plastic cover that you removed in step 1 by pushing it down, then pull the clips back on. The air filter is now installed.