Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Repair The Environment Conditioning Inside A Dodge Neon

Whether the air conditioning in your Dodge Neon has stopped blowing crisp air, you may longing to recharge the process with refrigerant to bring it back to a working native land. Using a can of refrigerant, you can balm compose up for any that may keep been cast away or used up over the dotage of air conditioning end. While there are other components in your air conditioning step that could be failing, performing a recharge is a expeditious and accessible contrivance to either repair the belief or troubleshoot other components wrapped up a action of elimination.


1. Expansive your Neon's hood and fix the air conditioning condenser located on the Chauffeur's side of the engine bay. It is a Hand-bill unit with metal hosing attached to it, and it runs into the interior of your machine.

2. Set the dusky refrigerant fill nipple that is connected to the condenser and remove the cap.

3. Connect the hose from the can of refrigerant to the fill nipple.

Close the valve after the vapor has been released for approximately 30 to 60 seconds.5. Turn on the engine and activate the air conditioning at full strength, then give back and release the refrigerant valve again so that the vapor is pulled into the air conditioning system.6.4. Slowly turn the valve on the can of refrigerant so that it begins to Proceeds refrigerant into the air conditioning course. Clinch the can upright so that only the vapor in the can is pulled into the system.

Allow the refrigerant to exit the can through the hose into your system until the can has been exhausted or the air conditioning system is blowing cold air again, whichever comes first.