Thursday, 26 March 2015

Claim Rental Car Damage With American Express

Asseverate Machine Rental Damage With American Definite

Either call the American Express claims division toll free in the USA at (800) 338-1670, or at (440) 914-2950 from other locations outside the U.S. within 48 hours of the damage or loss. If this is not possible, call as soon as is reasonably possible. You can also file your claim online in the same time frame.4.

1. Reserve and invest in your van rental with an American Especial credit card on which that you are the leading tally holder or authorized user of. Decline the CDW or analogous possibility from the commercial van rental company by initialing the "I decline" reduce of the rental Treaty.

2. Come next the guidelines of both the rental agreements and the American Distinct Insurance coverage to avoid having your say denied. This includes the type of motorcar you rent, the extend of your coverage based on which card you use and remaining the primary driver/responsible party of the vehicle during the rental period. Do not allow anyone else to function the vehicle at any time to avoid disputes and denial of any claims.

3.One of the benefits of continuance an American Categorical Card member is automatic insurance for rental machine loss and damage. The solution to activating this account is to reserve and obtain your rental using your American Express Card and to decline the collision damage waiver (CDW) offered by the van rental convention. Provided you displace all the agreements between you and the rental corporation besides as the agreements with American Clean-cut, filing a remark is quite no problem.


Fill out all claim forms completely and return to American Express with all the required documentation, including an itemized repair bill, copy of proof-of-charge to your American Express card for the rental; police report if applicable, photos of damage if available, a copy of the cardholders personal auto insurance or notorized letter of no insurance, copies of all claim documents and correspondence from the rental car company, a copy of the rental agreement--front and back--showing when the car was checked out and in, any other insurance coverage, and a copy of the cardmember's valid driver's license or other proof (i.e. license number on rental agreement) that the cardmember is a legal driver.