Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Install Beveled Piston Rings

Piston rings fit onto the gone of pistons in engines. They seal combustion/expansion chambers, backing heat transfer from the piston and open oil consumption. There are many changed varieties of piston rings available, of which bevelled piston rings are one. Bevelled piston rings hog edges that are not perpendicular to their faces.


1. Calculate the fair boundary opening. Application a Tentacle gauge To gauge. The extreme fracture desired depends on the type and end of machine and the type of bevelled piston telephone. The manufacturer's guides should hog the information.

2. Fill ring gaps. A proper tool must be used. This should be done in an inward direction, square to the ring sides.

3. Make sure that there is sufficient groove back clearance. Check the manufacturer's guides to see what amount of clearance is required.6. If included, install oil rail supports.

Remove surface imperfections.4. Put the rings around the piston. Correct installation is critical. Make sure to put the rings with the bevels facing up or down according to the manufacturer's specifications. Typically, top rings with an inner bevel will install bevel down. Likewise, second rings with inner bevels will usually install bevel up.5.