Thursday, 19 March 2015

Identify Overcharging Inside A Vehicle Battery

It is considerable to be able to diagnose overcharging in a van battery. The voltage should be somewhere between 12.8V and 14.7V. Anything higher than 14.7V indicates overcharging in the battery.2.

1. Set off your van. You may itch to use jumper cables to receive it started. When you get the engine going, remove the cables and measure the voltage that runs through the battery terminals. An overcharging automobile battery Testament eventually causation damage to the battery and still other electrical components of your machine. You should be principally concerned provided your vehivle battery is charging augmented than 15 volts. This can the arrangement of a rare issues which makes it primary to diagnose overcharging in a van battery.


Check for a faulty regulator if you find that the voltage regulator works like an electrical current that runs volts through the battery. If the voltage regulator goes bad, it can overcharge your car battery.

3. Measure the voltage from the alternator. Again, the voltage should show a measurement between 12.8V and 14.7V. When you diagnose an overcharging battery, you need to always take a close Stare at the alternator because the alternator may be sending too much voltage to the battery.