Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Invest In A Garbage Truck

Whatever your extremity for a dustcart, you can pep online to advance for that bad suits your needs. Asset Auctions allows you to search for sanitation trucks and parts for auction. After registering with Asset Auctions, you can place a bid on the desired garbage truck. Bidding for a garbage truck at an auction enables you to possibly win the bid and buy the truck at a lower price.


1. Navigate to the Asset Auctions website. (see Resources)

2. Click on "Register Now" to create a new account. Open the activation email sent to you. Click on the link within the email to register your account.

3. Click on "Garbage & Sanitation Trucks."5. Look for the sanitation truck that fits your needs and place a bid by entering a dollar amount in the "BID" box on the right hand side of the posting. Click "Place Max Bid" to place your bid.

Click "Login" to enter to your account. Use the email address you supplied upon registration and enter a password.4.

Wait for the auction to end, bidding again if necessary. Payment and delivery instructions for the truck will be detailed in your bid.