Friday, 27 March 2015

Fix A Truck Push

Motor lorry doctor pumps are besides analogous apart from for the fan attachment and the ornament guide girdle. The Motor lorry Testament include either a fan attached with four bolts that break buttoned up the douse pump pulley or a pulley that has a threaded display. The fan with the threaded assign has a blimp fan that is attached to the fan clutch and screwed onto the threaded proclaim to dominion the fan on. The moment differentiation is that a Motor lorry may gain either a seperate cummerbund for the imbue pump or a unmarried serpentine band, which is normally seen on the newer models.


1. Dwelling the drip pan under the lower hose of the radiator or the petcock on the lower thing of the radiator provided it has one. Sincere the petcock or employ the conventional screwdriver to remove the clamp on the lower radiator hose to filter the radiator. Remove the top radiator hose using the screwdriver to loosen the clamps.

2. Remove the fan shroud to create extent to remove the fan. Adoption a ¼-inch handle 10mm socket, extended period and ratchet. Some shrouds are a split drawing, which are the easiest. Remove the top bolts and then the unmarried bolt on both sides. Lift the top of the fan shroud off. Whether it is a one-piece shroud, proceeds all the bolts absent of the top and backside of the shroud. Lift the shroud up dependable to loosen it but leave it where it is.

3. Match the water pump to its place on the block, then insert the bolts on both sides and tighten. Install all parts in reverse order of removal and fill the radiator with the antifreeze. In a warm climate, use one gallon of antifreeze. In a colder climate, use two gallons of antifreeze and fill the radiator remainder of the way up with water.

4. Remove the accessory belt. If it is a single belt, it is tensioned by the alternator or a tensioner pulley. Loosen the adjuster bolt on the alternator or tensioner to loosen the belt and remove it from the water pump pulley. Remove the four nuts on the water pump pulley previously loosened and remove the fan from the vehicle along with the water pump pulley.

5. Remove the water pump by-pass hoses at the top of the water pump by using the common screwdriver to loosen the clamps. Remove the water pump by removing the four bolts--two on each side--with the 3/8-inch drive ratchet and the appropriate socket.

6. Place small bead of silicone around the water pump. Line the gasket up over the bead of silicone. Add a second bead of silicone on the top of the gasket.

7. Loosen the nuts on the water pump pulley that come through the fan base. Do not remove the nuts, just loosen them. If the fan is held on with one large nut, use the water pump pulley locking tool and the large wrench to remove the fan by loosening the large nut and then turning the fan counterclockwise until it comes off. Lift the fan and the one-piece shroud off as an assembly.