Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Install An Finish Link Bushing Inside A 1998 Next Year

The stabilizer bar, which prohibits your vehicle from swaying back and forth during driving, uses a locate of rubber bushings between its site links and the vehicle frame To admit for a insufficient proportions of movement.2. Unscrew the bolt attaching the aim link to the axle with a socket wrench. Pull the bushing from between the neb link and axle. Provided you cannot treasure the extent link, fix the stabilizer bar, a metal bar stretching from the left side of the axle to the hold up side.

Lift the front of the vehicle with a hydraulic jack. Situate jack stand under the frame rails to secure it while changing the front bushings. Raising the front of the vehicle is alone needed when changing the bushing on the front foot link. The rear cusp link can be changed without raising the vehicle.

When these bushing wear, a enormous extent of sway can suddenly be introduced into handling. To eliminate this sway, most novice mechanics can convert the bushings on a 1998 Ford Ranger in a uncommon minutes, using manageable tools.


1. Spring from the stabilizer bar all the course of action to the axle and determinate the attached stop link, which attaches to the stabilizer bar on one side and to the axle on the other side.

3. Cover the au courant bushing between the extreme link and axle.

4. Incorporate the bolt attaching the link to the axle through the end link and through the bushing. Tighten the bolt with a torque wrench to 21 foot-pounds if changing the front end link bushing. Tighten the bolt to 58 foot-pounds if changing the rear end link bushing.

5. Remove the jack stands from under the front of the vehicle and lower the vehicle with the hydraulic jack if changing the front end link bushing.