Thursday, 26 March 2015

Identify Alternator Trouble

Diagnose Alternator Trouble

To blue book the alternator properly, we extremity to verify that the Attractive nature is in duration and that the second conductor is passing complete the Attractive area and transmitting the induced voltage to the electrical course of the vehicle.


1.The alternator in your van or illumination Motor lorry works on the code of Attractive induction. As a contemporary is passed ended a conductor (wire in this event), a Attractive globe develops encircling the conductor. When a moment conductor breaks the Attractive globe, a voltage is induced into the moment conductor.

Verify that the available battery voltage is above 12.5 volts using the digital volt/ohm metre. Establish the metre for d/c volts, then touch the ebon cause to the denying battery terminal and the red lead to the positive battery terminal. The display on the meter should read more than 12.5 volts. If it doesn't, the alternator fields may not turn on, and the alternator may not function properly. Charge or replace the battery as needed.

2. Verify that battery voltage is present at the terminal on the back of the alternator using the automotive circuit tester. This terminal supplies voltage to the alternator field coils. If battery voltage is not present, the field coils will not turn on, and there will be no output from the alternator even if the alternator is functional.

3. Start the engine and test voltage at the battery with the volt/ohm meter. With the engine running, the voltage should be 13.5 or higher, but not more than 15. If initial battery voltage is acceptable and present at the back of the alternator, but the running voltage is not higher than battery voltage, replace the alternator.