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Replace Rear Brakes On 2001 Maxima

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Transform Rear Brakes on 2001 Maxima

Whether you handle a 2001 Nissan Maxima, then chances are that sometime you Testament gain to exchange the brake pads, both on the front and rear of the automobile. Normally, changing the front brakes is required another Often than the rears; but, you may pride yourself in a direction where you cook occasion to convert equal the rear brakes. Doing your own brake billet Testament not onliest comfort to save your hard-earned income, on the other hand Testament further lift to create you deeper intimate with your automobile and how it works.


1. Applicability the floor jack to elevate the rear of the van so that the rear tires are off the ground. Habitat a jack stand underneath the frame on Everyone side and lower the machine onto them. Arrange positive that the jack stands are centred under the frame of the vehivle and are steady.

2. Benefit the tire iron to remove the wheels, exposing the rear braking method. Be persuaded to conserve the lug nuts in one community so that they engage in not disappear or arouse dirt in them.

3. Disconnect the parking brake cable, which is supported by a bracket bolt. Cause a socket wrench to remove the two caliper bolts, which are located on the back side of the caliper. Remove the caliper. Use the torque wrench to tightened the caliper bolts to 16 to 23 foot-pounds.10. Reattach the parking brake cable.

Insert the pliers into the grooves of the caliper piston and gently turn it while pushing it down. Continue to turn the piston until the convex portions on the front of the piston are in an X position.

5. Unbolt the rear brake caliper mounting bolts with a socket wrench. The mounting bolts hold the caliper mount in place. Removing the caliper mount assembly is the first step in removing the rear rotor, which must also be replaced when changing the brake pads.

Remove the caliper mount.

6. The retaining screw is the last piece that secures the rotor to the bearing hub. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the retaining screw from the face of the rotor. Gently remove the rotor, which may need a tap to be released from any rust that has formed between the rotor and the bearing hub.

7. Use silicone-based grease, which you can buy at an auto parts store, to lubricate and clean the back of the brake pads where they meet the caliper surface. Also clean the mating surface on the wheel hub prior to installing the new caliper. Be careful not to receive any grease on the pads' friction surfaces or on the rotor.

8. Insert the new rotor into place against the bearing hub. Replace and tighten the retaining screw. Bolt the brake caliper mount back into place.

9. Insert the new brake-pad springs, replacement pads, and shims back into the caliper assembly. Bolt the caliper assembly back onto the mounting bracket. Remove the pad springs,then the pads and shims from the caliper.4. Practice your needle-nose pliers to rotate the piston clockwise to retract it into the caliper item.

Bolt the wheels back into place and lower the car. You will need to pump the brake pedal a couple of times to re-pressurize the rear brake system.