Monday, 23 March 2015

Replace A Radiator Hose Inside A 2001 Taurus

The radiator hoses in your 2001 Taurus are designed to commit you many oldness of trouble-free work.

Check for any coolant leaks. Provided any hose looks or feels damaged, you should interchange it straightaway.


1. Lift the hood of your Taurus. Be decided that the engine is gelid before proceeding.

2. Remove the cap from the coolant expansion vehicle, which is located at the deserved front fender.

3. Locate the drain petcock at the bottom of the radiator. Loosen the petcock by turning it counterclockwise with the pliers. Allow the fluid to drain completely into the drain pan.

4. Locate the faulty hose and loosen the hose clamps by turning the clamp screws counterclockwise with the screwdriver. Pull the hose away from its fittings.

5. Place the new hose and its clamps into position over the hose fittings. Tighten the hose clamps by turning them clockwise with the screwdriver.

6. Tighten the drain petcock by turning it clockwise with the pliers. Refill the cooling system and replace the expansion tank cap.

7. Start the engine and allow it to arrive operating temperature.Over of the thickness of radiator hoses, it is repeatedly tough to indication when one is deteriorating. The hoses Testament wear from the inside, as broiling coolant is continually forced terminated them. Routinely checking your heater hoses for bulges or decrepit spots can potency a faraway action toward preventing a hose rupture.