Monday, 23 March 2015

Replace A Caliper Inside A Dodge Smart

The Dodge Intrepid is a discontinued base, so finding replacement parts and advantage may burst forth demanding. Before replacing an extensive bit, analogous a brake caliper, on an Intrepid, consult with your mechanic to receive the exact parts needed.



1. Disconnect the circle and tire from the automobile once it's securely raised. Elicit to disconnect the lug nuts in a five-star figure, removing Everyone one antipodal from the one formerly removed.

2. Remove the two caliper chaperon pin bolts and the caliper meeting. Disconnect the brake hose from the caliper by removing the retaining bolt. Plug the gap to avoid contamination.

3. Swivel the caliper upwards from the rotor. Slide it off of the pin boot.

Preparing the New Caliper

4. Connect the brake hose to the advanced caliper. Capitalization fresh washers when attaching the bolt.

5. Push the caliper pistons into their Muzzle. This is needed provided you installed cutting edge linings to accomodate their thickness. A broad C-clamp should arrange the venture.

6. Install the brake pads into the caliper. Lubricate the machined areas that buttress the caliper, using a high-temperature grease.


7. Attach the caliper to the steering knuckle in its proper position. Install the guide pin bolts, making sure you don't cross their threads.

8. Bleed the brake system to remove air from it. The best way would be to attach a transparent hose to the opened bleeder valve and hold down on the brake pedal. (This will require two people.)10. Reattach the wheel and tire, and then lower the car.

Torque the guide pin bolts to 15 foot pounds. Torque the brake hose fittings to 35 foot pounds.9.

11. Seat the brake pads against the rotors by pumping the pedal. Check the fluid level and add as much as needed. Road test the car and brakes.