Monday, 30 March 2015

Remove A 2001 Mustang Cowl Vent Panel

Wiper arms will always gain to be removed before removing a cowl.

It can be pulled off by hand.4. Pry up the upper cowl cover. This should disengage the retaining clips beneath the cowl. The cowl Testament not hog to replaced Frequently due to damage, nevertheless should you necessitate to, the allotment Testament hog to be defined ordered.


1. Allot and remove the locking tabs at the backside of the Mustang's wiper arms. You can do this with a flat head screwdriver, but there is also a special wiper arm removal tool for this purpose.

2. Pull the wiper arms upward to remove them.

3. Start at one side of the hood and peel the rubber seal off. This should not take any tools.A 2001 Mustang's cowl is located at the pattern of the windscreen, subservient the windscreen wiper arms. You Testament obtain to remove this cowl provided you are planning to manage any prolongation subservient it. This includes utility or replacing the wiper Engine or any of the wiper action's internal components.

To protect the windshield, you may want lay down a shop towel at your prying points, before inserting the tip of your screwdriver beneath the edge of the upper cowl cover. Once the clips are disengaged, remove the upper cowl cover.

5. Remove the seven screws from the lower cowl cover and remove the lower cowl cover.