Friday, 17 July 2015

Tow A Lexus Sc430

Be definite to advantage the Correct passage and Accoutrement when towing a Lexus SC430.

Because the Lexus SC430 is a rear-wheel drive automobile, you'll won't be able to use a tow dolly like with front-wheel drive vehicles.4. Check to make sure your carrier and the truck can handle the full weight of the Lexus before proceeding.


1. Park the vehicle on flat ground if possible. An incline could cause the vehicle to roll away when hooking up the tow.

2. Remove all excess weight from the trunk and inside of the car. Basically anything that's not necessary should be taken out to reduce the weight of the vehicle. Certain tow dollies may not be able to handle much more than the actual weight of the vehicle.

3. Pull the car up near the carrier with the front in facing the back of your truck and carrier.

The Lexus SC430 is a well respected luxury vehicle that generally falls under the designation of sports-coupe convertible. Like any other automobile the car may be involved in a situation where it needs to be towed. Remember that the Lexus SC430 is a rear-wheel drive vehicle and therefore should never be towed with the wheels on the ground.

The vehicle should weight about 3,500-4,000 lbs. not including fuel or other items.

5. Lower the ramps on the carrier. Unlock the straps and chain to prepare for the Lexus.

6. Drive the vehicle slowly onto the carrier and put it in park once its in place. Remove the keys from the ignition and turn on the emergency brake.

7. Hook the tire-straps securely to each tire and pin down the safety hatchet. Attach the safety chains to the vehicle's frame allowing some slack for the Lexus to shift slightly during the tow.

8. Raise the carrier ramps and double check that everything is secure. Drive a short distance and stop to check everything once before starting your trip.