Monday, 28 September 2015

Flux Core Welding Techniques

Flux-cored wire is held on a wire spool and used with a Metal Inert Gauze welder.Use the same method of welding that you would use with solid wire. Work the weld using a circular motion moving the weld puddle 1/8-inch with each rotation. As flux-cored wire welds hotter than solid wire, your voltage and amperage settings will differ from what you're used to.

Welding with flux-cored wire requires you to silver the feeder wheels, direction liner and weld gratuity of the MIG welder. This is due to the increased calibre of the flux-cored wire over solid wire. Additionally, the weld Mug is not required when welding with flux-cored wire.

The Mug located on the MIG gun is used to flow shielding Gauze onto the weld puddle to eliminate weld contamination and porosity. No shielding Gauze allows you to remove the Mug from the MIG gun. Without the Mug you boost more advantageous visibility of the weld Seam and the MIG gun can fit into smaller spaces.

Without shielding Gauze, amperage and voltage settings Testament necessitate to be establish exactly as Flux cored wire is less forgiving than solid core wire.

Welding with Flux Cored Wire

MIG welding techniques are the same for flux cored wire as solid core wire. The MIG gun should sit at an angle between 5 and 15 degrees, flux-cored wire requires that the angle you use remain consistent throughout the weld, even a slight deviation will cause differences in the weld.

The corresponding welding procedures are used for both solid wire and flux-cored wire. Flux-cored wire does not rely on a shielding Gauze to shield the weld from contamination. This allows you to help from the Industry rapidity of a MIG in conditions where shielding Gauze would fail.

Machine Set-Up

Vertical Welding with Flux Core

Vertical flux-cored welding should be run uphill. When the flux-cored wire is heated, it releases the molten flux. Welding flux-core downhill can cause the flux to contaminate the weld, reducing the welds structural strength.

Holding the proper MIG gun angle of 5 to 15 degrees in important when welding with flux-cored wire as it is less forgiving then solid core wire.