Monday, 21 September 2015

Switch The Backup Light Turn On A 1998 Honda Social

A back-up luminosity is item of the rear flare/reflector manner.

The back-up light switch on the 1998 Honda Civic is located on the side of the transaxle housing. Replacement of the switch might be indicated provided, with the ignition switch in the "On" position and the shift lever in "Reverse," the back-up lights are not on. But, before replacing the back-up light switch, beginning research the back-up lightbulbs in the taillights and the symbol 19 fuse (7.5-amp) in the under-dash fuse/relay box.


1. Allot the back-up light switch on the transaxle housing and go next the electrical cable back to a connector. Unplug the connector and connect the ohmmeter or continuity tester leads to the terminals. Unscrew the back-up light switch using an open-end wrench and remove the switch and washer.3. Install the just out back-up light switch and a dissimilar washer. Reconnect the electrical cable and connector.

With the ignition switch in the "On" position and the shift lever in "Reverse," there should be continuity. With the shift lever in any other gear, there should not be continuity. Whether the switch does not pass this test, you accept confirmed the demand to interchange it.2.

4. Research that the back-up lights are on by turning the ignition switch to the "On" position and putting the shift lever in "Reverse."