Monday, 21 September 2015

Trobleshoot and fix A Chevrolet Ignition Module

Provided the ignition module in your Chevy stops working, your engine Testament not turn over when you turn the ignition solution. Nevertheless, the symptom could extremely be due to a wick battery. There are troubleshooting steps you can accept to eliminate the battery as the likely suspect and to actuate whether your ignition module is deficient.


1. Connect the blood cable on a multimeter to the worthy ("+") terminal on the Chevy's battery, and community the brunet cable on the multimeter onto the ground ("-") of your battery. Locate the multimeter to "20V DC," and measure the output of the battery. If the output is less than 12 volts, charge or replace the battery, and then attempt to begin your Chevy.

If the headlights dim, your ignition module is working properly. If the headlights do not dim, the ignition module is defective. If the vehicle is outside, wait until dark.

3. Turn the ignition key.2. Turn on your headlights. If you are in your garage, turn off the garage lights.