Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Job Description To Have An Auto Body Specialist

Car reason technicians occupation with cars and insufficient trucks to restore vehicles to their inceptive shape. Some automobile technicians perform oppose donkeywork on all cars, and some specialize in specific vehivle models. Pleasant automotive workers may be called collision repair technicians.

Basic Job Duties

The Car technicians may perform repairs ranging from no sweat dents to realigning damaged automobile frames. Car technicians end speciality tools to perform job duties. Some automotive target tools used subsume pick hammers, hydraulic jacks and plam tools.

Specialized Job Duties

Hazards are common inside body shops, such as receiving accidental burns, using power tools and inhaling paint fumes.

Salary and Growth Opportunities

Pay ranges from $12 to $ 22 an hour based on experience, skills and geographic region.

Basic educational requirements include a high school diploma and coursework in collision repairs. Students may enroll in a trade or technical school program to gain hands-on knowledge in replacing scratches, removing dents and installing body parts.

Work Environment and Hazards

Technicians perform work inside body shops and car dealerships.Automotive technicians may ownership specialized positions at auto body shops and vehivle dealerships. One position is an automotive glass installer and repairer who measures and secures window glass and windshields.

Education and Training

Growth opportunities include auto body supervisors and auto body shop owners.