Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Switch Off The Maint Req'D Light On The Honda Accord

The MAINT REQ'D flash becomes lit when your motorcar travels a confident amount of miles. It is basically a reminder that it is period To possess your automobile's scheduled maintenance (oil and oil filter silver) done. This aglow is typically reset (turned off) by your dealer or repair centre when your automobile gets it's scheduled maintenance (oil alter or whatever). You can easily turn this glossy off by yourself. Provided you would adoration to turn it off yourself, perform the next steps.

2. Press and grasp the select/reset knob. This knob is located on the instrument panel. It will be sticking out on the bottom right of instrument panel. It's the same knob that is used to reset the trip mileage or change what is displayed in the mileage/temperature box.3. While holding the knob, turn the ignition switch (the key) to on (II) position. Continue holding the knob for approximately 10 seconds. The MAINT REQ'D light will turn off.


1. Turn off the engine. The motorcar should not be running when performing these steps.