Thursday, 17 September 2015

Replace A Coil Spring Within An Acura Integra

Your Acura Integra's suspension includes MacPherson struts, imaginary up of a shock absorber and a coil spring. These steps Testament display you convert the coil spring Element of this strut.


1. Uninstall the strut meeting from your Acura Integra and carefully compress the spring collection of the meeting with a specialized spring compressor part.4. Compress the new spring carefully until you can replace the parts of the strut assembly that you removed in Step 2. Install the mounting washer and loosely install a new self-locking nut to the top of the assembly. Counterhold the shock absorber piston rod with a hex wrench and tighten the self-locking nut to 22 foot pounds of torque.

Receipts off the locking kernel from the top of the shock absorber. Remove any strut meeting components that may impede Emigration of the coil spring, then slowly, carefully and evenly decompress the coil spring. Make certain that there isn't any tension on the coil spring, then remove the spring compressor.

3. Replace the old coil spring with a new one and secure the new spring in the spring compressor tool. As in Step 1, verify that the spring compressor completely captures both the top and bottom coils of the spring.

Constitute positive that the spring compressor completely captures both the top and the backside coil of the spring. Whether the compression part doesn't clamp to a stationary surface, you should concede securing the strut in a vice.2.

5. Decompress the spring component of the strut, slowly and evenly as before, once the self-locking nut is secure. Verify that the spring is seated correctly beneath the housing plate. Reinstall the strut component into your Acura Integra.