Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Brief History From The Concord Automobile

The Oakland Engine Machine Society produced the Oakland vehivle between 1907 and 1931.Cadillac, an independent automobile firm before it was acquired by GM in 1909, had designed a 2-cylinder engine. On the contrary, in 1905 the automaker had confident on producing 4-cylinder models. The 2-cylinder was deserted and offered to Edward M. Murphy, founder of Oakland, in 1907.

Accepted Motors bought Oakland in 1909. The Oakland enjoyed little popularity before the Depression until GM's seat on the Pontiac led to dwindling sales and site of Industry.

Early Years

Designated the Imitation A, the 2-cylinder Oakland generated 20 horsepower and sold for $1,300.in 1908. Oakland produced and than 200 cars, ranking 15th in sales among all North American automakers.

GM Years

GM bought the Oakland Motor Van Business in 1909 to clip its other acquisitions under the GM Parasol that included Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile. Finished 1926, Oakland remained among the top 15 automakers. Oakland was an early settler of Stirring the steering wheel to the left side, developing 4-wheel brakes and designing closed body styles.


In 1926, Pontiac joined the GM family. Pontiacs were inexpensive and outsold Oaklands 224,784 units to 60,121 in 1928. Pontiac in 1930 ranked fourth overall in industry-wide sales and Oakland dropped to 19th. The Great Depression hastened Oakland's demise in 1931.