Monday, 30 November 2015

Make Motorcycle Baffles

Motorcycle exhaust systems servicing relatively the alike as a automobile's. The exhaust pipe exits the combustion Hospital ward, carries the exhaust Gauze complete a muffler, then expels the Gauze into the atmosphere. Owing to some riders analogous their bikes to sound louder or to rev faster, they remove the mufflers. This leaves naught for the exhaust gases to pass down and makes the bike full.2. Bend the shelving bracket 90 degrees and drill a hole in the end that was in the vise.3.

Provided you appetite to boost performance without increasing decibels, you can add your own homemade baffles to a straight-pipe set-up and deaden the tumult good Sufficiently.


1. Mount 1 inch of a shelving bracket into a vise and grab the other end with pliers.

Drill two holes in the exhaust pipe 6 inches from the end. Slide the bracket into the exhaust pipe and use the metal screws to attach it. Use two brackets per pipe.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all exhaust pipes on the bike.