Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Change A Window Motor On The 2002 Camaro

The 2002 Camaro utilizes a spring-loaded, scissors-type window regulator. The regulator uses a ponderous spring to furtherance in raising the window. In the circumstance that either the Engine or regulator fails, the filled mechanism must be removed as a unit due to the spring mechanism. It is vital to "lock" the regulator in put on a bench prior to removing the Engine.


1. Lower the window half system down. Whether it Testament not deed, it can be lowered when the regulator is removed.

2. Remove the Phillips screws in the armrest and from the backside of the door panel, using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift the door panel upward to Proceeds it from the door and maneuver it far Sufficiently from the door to disconnect the electrical plugs from the window switch. This is the channel attached to the bottom of the window. Lay the regulator on a workbench.5. Place one vise grips on the forward window lift rod tight against the window regulator gear.

Disconnect the electrical plug on the window motor. Drill out the center of the rivets securing the window regulator to the door. Do not drill out the rivets in the window motor. Use the drill with the ¼-inch drill bit.

4. Chisel the remainder of the rivet head off, using the chisel and hammer. Remove the two nuts securing the horizontal channel to the door, using a 10mm socket. Remove the regulator by sliding the two plastic blocks out of the horizontal window channel toward the rear. Disconnect the electrical plugs, then lift the door panel remainder of the hang-up off.3. Peel the moisture shield back, exposing the access gap to the window regulator.

Place the other vise grips on the other side of the same rod, but on the gear tight against the rod. The object is to keep the spring from unwinding when the motor is released. Look at the regulator and the way the spring is loaded. It will snap like crazy if not contained, and could take a finger or two in the process.

6. Drill the rivets out of the window motor tabs. Remove the motor.

7. Install the new motor and replace the rivets, using the rivet gun. Release the vise grips. Install the window regulator by sliding the two plastic blocks into the horizontal channel under the window. Line the regulator up with the holes in the door and install the rivets.

8. Install the horizontal channel on the door and tighten the two nuts. Plug the electrical connector into the window motor. Install the moisture shield and the door panel in reverse order of removal.