Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Switch The Rear Brakes On The 19992004 Mustang

Rear brake pads must be replaced periodically.

Ford introduced the Mustang in 1964. Between 1999 and 2004, Mustangs were built with V-6 and V-8 engines that produced up to 390 horsepower. Whether you happen to own a Mustang from one of these mannequin elderliness, including the characteristic 40th Anniversary Edition, routine maintainance Testament cache your automobile running smoothly and dependably. The brakes are a frequent perpetuation theory.13. Position the spring clips on the disc brake pads to prevent the brakes from rattling. Place both disc brake pads on the back disc support bracket.

Siphon absent approximately half of the brake fluid from the brake proficient cylinder vat.

2. Loosen the lug nuts on the rear wheels of your Mustang. Conclude not remove the lug nuts at this day.

3. Lift the back boundary of the Mustang with a floor jack and position jack stands on both sides of the rear axle for device. Lower the Mustang onto the jack stands.

4. Remove the lug nuts from the rear circle on one side of the vehivle. Slide the rotate off the axle. Lay the lug nuts and the turn in a guarded domicile for subsequent reassembly.

5. Launch removing the caliper. Catching off the banjo bolt with a ratchet and socket. The banjo bolt connects the brake hose to the CD brake caliper.

6. Disconnect the hose from the brake caliper and plug the hose to prevent leakage of brake fluid. Discard the two washers.

7. Remove the retaining clip from the parking brake caliper near the CD brake caliper. Loosen the stress from the parking brake cable and seperate the cable limitation from the parking brake lever on the caliper.

8. Utilize an open-end wrench to occupation the caliper locating pin hex-head. Remove the two upper brake pin retainer bolts.

9. Axis the brake caliper meeting in the diametric course of the CD foothold bracket and lift it unpaid of the automobile. Remove the brake caliper locating pins and boots from the bracket.

10. Position the caliper on the automobile's frame and tie it securely with mechanic's wire. Don't permit the rear disc brake caliper to dangle from the hose.

11. Remove the inner and outer brake pads and spring clips. See the CD brake rotor for wear.

12. Turn the rear CD brake caliper piston and adjuster to the licence using the rear caliper piston adjuster object until the piston sits fully in the caliper housing.

When the rear brakes are worn or set off to grind, it's era to interchange them.



14. Install the rear disc brake caliper and brake pads.

15. Reinstall the wheel on the Mustang and secure it with the lug nuts. Use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts to 85 to 105 foot-pounds, moving from one nut to another in a star pattern.

16. Repeat the above steps for the opposite side of the Mustang.

17.Remove the jack stands and lower the Mustang to the ground. Pump the brake pedal until the brake feels firm. Add new brake fluid to top off the master cylinder tank.