Sunday, 27 December 2015

Ground A Vehicle Audio Amplifier

Correct grounding of a machine amplifier is necessary for defended and good-sounding amplifier installs.

The ground, or answer, of a vehivle amplifier is every bit as exceptional as the potency wire. Without Correct chassis grounding, flat performance or action damage may ensue. In reality, instances of ground loops and excess engine boisterousness can normally be directly attributed to bad off grounding techniques. On the contrary, the money and tools required are fly speck sporadic or proprietary, and the formation takes no augmented than a infrequent minutes during the amplifier's installation.


1. Locate a point as close to the amplifier as possible. This spot on the car must not be a weld or seat belt attachment point for the best results. Be sure that no brake, electrical or other lines are directly behind the designated grounding point.

2. Align the ring terminal over the bare sheet metal on the grounding location. Screw a single self-tapping sheet metal screw through the hole in the ring terminal, securely attaching it to the bare metal.

4. Connect one end of the ground wire to the marked grounding terminal on the amplifier using the appropriate screwdriver. On the other end of the wire, crimp on the insulated ring terminal with the wire crimper.

5. Grind enough paint from the designated ground location to match the size of the ring terminal using the Dremel or small grinder.3. Cut a length of ground wire sufficient to arrive from the amplifier to the ground point. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from both ends of the wire.